Imagine seeing your doctor when you want, and staying for as long as you need. Imagine your doctor adjusting his schedule around yours. Imagine calling your doctor on his cell phone when you need him 24/7. This is concierge medicine with Premier Personal Healthcare.

Premier Personal Healthcare is a concierge-style practice, which allows a doctor to limit the size of his practice to a few hundred rather than several thousand patients. By limiting the volume, patients enjoy faster and more convenient access, more time for each patient visit, 24/7 direct cell phone access to the doctor, and numerous other advantages. Learn more by reading our Frequently-Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide highly personalized medical care, using a unique, self-pay healthcare delivery service. Dr. Joel Warshaw, MD, FACP, Board-Certified in Internal Medicine, will provide each patient with the personal, comprehensive care and necessary time that he or she deserves. Discover the benefits of Concierge Medicine

Each member patient is asked to pay an annual fee to participate in the practice. No insurance is accepted, and we do not participate in Medicare. Our practice is not insurance, nor is it a substitute for insurance, so all Members are encouraged to carry insurance for other medical services.

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Premier Personal Healthcare
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Dr. Joel WarshawMeet Dr. Joel Warshaw

Practicing Internal Medicine for over twenty years, Dr. Joel Warshaw has built a reputation as one of the best doctors in Pittsburgh. Since 2008, patients have enjoyed the outstanding services from Premier Personal Healthcare. Members not only come from the South Hills, but from all over Pittsburgh, as well as other states. About Dr. Warshaw…