Same Day / Next Day Appointments

Unlimited and guaranteed same business day or next business day appointments, even for non-emergencies. Appointments are based more on your schedule, rather than the doctor’s schedule.

Minimal to No Waiting Time

Appointments that are on time. No more wasted time in the waiting room wondering when your name will be called.

Ample Time

You will have ample time to spend with the doctor to address all concerns. No more hurried visits. At least one hour will be scheduled for physicals, while most other visits will offer a minimum of thirty-minute appointment

“Executive-Style” Annual Physicals

An annual exam will be performed which will emphasize disease management and preventive care. This will include fitness assessment and wellness programs suited to individual needs. A comprehensive written report will be provided on a yearly basis.

Physician Availability

24/7 availability, including direct cell phone access to the doctor, instant text messaging, and direct e-mailing. The cell phone access to the doctor will be available at all times, including weekends and holidays. No answering service to contend with and no covering physician who does not know your medical history.

Personal Coordinated Care

To help navigate the world outside the primary care office and optimize your health care needs. For instance, you will be offered assistance with scheduling appointments for medical specialists, radiology tests and hospital care.


With fewer patients, the doctor will become familiar on a more personal level and have a closer relationship with you. The office staff will also get to know you on a more personal level and provide comfort during physician visits and any communication with the office.

Periodic Medical Newsletters

Access to medical education materials on-line or sent by email. The latest medical information will be prepared and presented in an easy-to-understand format, in order to keep all members up-to-date and informed.

Cutting Edge Medical Tests

Many routine and specifically chosen cutting edge medical tests, not covered by some insurance plans, will be explained and offered on an individual basis.  The practice has negotiated highly reduced rates for its members.  All tests performed in our office i.e., EKGs, PFTs, Vision and Hearing, will be covered under your annual fee.  Please contact the office for details.

Online Medical Records

All members will have the ability to view their individual medical records.  Accessed from our main page website, using a personal username and password, members will be able to view records that include recent physical examinations, problem list, medication list, laboratories, radiology studies, EKG’s and other relevant medical information.  These records may be viewed on any computer and, when allowed, may be viewed by medical specialists or emergency personnel. This is very important especially when traveling outside the Pittsburgh area.

National Care Network

Dr. Warshaw belongs to a Concierge Organization called the American Academy of Private Physicians. The society has instituted a resource for participating physician members and their patients.  When traveling outside of Pittsburgh, patients enrolled in the practice will be able to be seen by other Concierge Physicians in select cities for any urgent care. Rather than going to some random Urgent Care Center or Emergency Room, a participating Concierge Physician in the area has agreed to cover Dr. Warshaw’s patients on his behalf.  Insurance payments or out-of-pocket costs may apply.